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 The Dog Guru London


Michael Israelite transformed our walks with Millie. At one years old we walked her on the lead as every now and then she would get spooked in the park, not come back when called and sometimes run home (crossing a main road); Michael dealt with all that and within 10 days we were walking her off the lead. Which of course, wore her out and made all sorts of difference to her behaviour at home.


She was also terrified of going in the car - we used to have to pick up up and put her in as she would never get in herself!!! (She's a big dog). Again, Michael sorted all that out and now she drives in the car with us perfectly relaxed and never needs persuading to jump up into the car. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

- Jo Christie-Smith

 The Dog Guru London


Michael was recommended to us when our previous dog walker felt he was unable to handle our dog. Jasmine is a street dog that we rescued overseas. She is a nervous dog and before we brought her to the UK, she had not interacted with many people or any other dogs. Jasmine therefore needed a lot of training and support to socialise her to a UK environment. 


Michael has now been working with Jasmine for over one year. Through training and daily walks, Michael has developed a strong relationship with Jasmine and it is great to see how well she responds to him. 


Jasmine has become much less anxious and now interacts well with other dogs. Her commands are also much improved. Jasmine loves her days with Michael and can't get to the door quick enough when he arrives to collect her. Her progress over the last year has been significant and we really appreciate the work Michael has done to achieve this.

- Louisa

The Dog Guru London

Mattie & Otto

My vet recommended Michael Israelite when my 4 year old labradoodle developed anxiety and aggression problems following an attack by another dog. I had tried other dog therapists with little change to her behaviour.

Michael very quickly gained Mattie's trust, and by working with us both, gave her back her confidence, and helped me to relax and enjoy walking the dog once again.

The whole family have learnt how to manage her on and off the lead, and Mattie is finally becoming the dog we've always wanted.

- Helen Lefevre

The Dog Guru London


Michael Israelite is a fantastic dog walker and dog carer.


He's been so great for Inky - our labradoodle - he helped to train her, and now looks after her regularly and keeps her very happy and content. She loves Michael and we're very grateful to him. We trust him completely with Inky and simply couldn't recommend him more highly!

- Debbie Lyne

The Dog Guru London


Michael Israelite has looked after my lovely goldie, Frank for number of years as I travel a lot for work but cannot bare the thought of him in kennels. He gets the best option available and moves in and becomes part of Michael's household!!


He comes back happy and exhausted and now is one of the most socialised and content doggies I know. Frank also has to be on a special diet but this has never been a problem when staying with Michael even when its for few weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend The Dog Guru London, as the best place to leave you dog when you are away.

- Mary Kennedy

The Dog Guru London


Michael Israelite has looked after our 8 ½ year old Parsons Terrier, PiP, for the past 3-years. He has a great sense of K9 behaviour and has done some quality one to one training with us and PiP. There are not many people we trust to look after PiP but from the moment she met Michael we knew she was in safe hands.


PiP is excited every morning when Michael picks her up and exhausted on her return with Michael and her K9 buddies. Michael has a great connection with all the dogs he has charge of and understands each individual personality. On a number of occasions, friends have seen PiP in the park with Michael and have all mentioned how happy and well looked after she is.


We highly recommend Michael to any person looking for a dog walker or behavioural trainer that takes time to get to know and understand their 4-legged family member.

- Carla Pierce

The Dog Guru London


I first met Michael in Crystal Palace Park when my puppy, Marley, was 6 months old. I was beginning to think about finding a dog walker or doggy day care for a few days per week, mainly so that Marley could socialise when I went out to meetings or had to go into the office. I was impressed with how quickly Marley responded to Michael and how welcoming the rest of the pack were.

I asked Michael to help me encourage Marley to swim. It didn't take long and now Marley loves to jump into the lake on hot summer days to cool off with his friends. Michael takes the dogs to a variety of parks in the area and he often cycles with them, as long as all the dogs can manage it. The dogs love being at Michael's home and treat it as their own, with it's cosy log fire, spacious garden and tasty bones.

- Thomasina Smith

The Dog Guru London


I first met Michael and his pack in Crystal Palace Park and it became very clear, very quickly, that he is the Pied Piper to dogs. It soon turned into something quite hurtful as I had to drag my Labrador Stevie away from Michael and his ball chucker, and his treats, and his attention, and his encouragement to play and seek and sniff and run and swim.


I eventually gave in and Michael is now Stevie’s walker and companion on days that I’m out from 8am till midnight. He gives him bones and teaches him things that I have failed to and works to the strengths of each member of the pack. I am informed by a lodger that when Michael comes to my front door and whistles up the stairs, Stevie runs to him like a lunatic rocket and they skip off happily together. In short, there’s no one better for your dog.

- Frankie Zambra

The Dog Guru


4 years ago, when we got Charlie, our Cocker spaniel, he was a very nervous and submissive dog, scared of everything and everyone. We thought he’d never be able to play in the park with other dogs. A few months after he arrived, my wife and I had to go abroad for a full week. We asked Michael Israelite to take him on as a dog boarder as he was too nervous for kennels, and by the time we returned, Charlie had improved dramatically. Michael did an amazing job of bringing back Charlie’s confidence! As well as training him to listen and understand lots of commands such as recall, heel,stay and so on, all were performed off the lead. We then took a lesson with Michael to be able to continue with all the good work.


Today, Charlie is 5 years old, and he is an amazing, well trained and happy dog. We would like to thank Michael for his patience, dedication and good advice. We have recommended Michael to other dog owners in our local park, and they too are very pleased with the results.

- Raphel Rispal

The Dog Guru


We met Michael Israelite by chance in the park and it was immediately apparent that he has a very special rapport with dogs. Michael asked to spend a little time with our dog and us before having her to stay. In that session we were again impressed by how (seemingly miraculously) our dog responded to his requests. He was able to create an atmosphere whereby she really wanted to ‘behave’.

The first time our dog stayed with Michael, we found her to be very happy, peaceful and beautifully trained on our return. Michael was also very responsible in educating us too so we could continue the good work! I can honestly say that Michael is our dog’s favourite human!

- Kate McKenzie

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