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We cover South East London:

Including Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Forest Hill, West Norwood, Dulwich,

Penge, Brockley, Peckham, Tulse Hill, Sydenham, Nunhead, Elmers End.

CALL THE DOG GURU: 07900 933 432

The most important thing for your dog’s wellbeing is exercise. tired dog is a happier and better-behaved dog. Walking, running and playing off the lead are crucial for both physical and mental health.

One of the biggest problems for new and novice dog owners is separation anxiety. As with any behaviour problem, it’s best to prevent rather than fix !

Teaching your puppy to stay on its own and conditioning him to love being alone is key to preventing your dog from developing separation anxiety. 

It’s best to leave your puppy on its own for the first few times when your pup  is very tired, and slightly hungry. Leave your puppy with a nice chewy treat:a raw beef bone, or any of the boredom busters/ slow feeders which work really well. By gradually increasing the duration he/she is alone, you will condition your pup to love being on its own.

However, if your dog already suffers from separation anxiety there are few ways that I can help to resolve it.

Often, there are a few problems, such as pulling on the lead, that need to be dealt with in addition to separation anxiety,and they can all be addressed  within a face to face lesson. 

If  your only concern is separation issues, I can usually help you via Zoom or a phone call as the  behaviour modification plan  is very straightforward, however it will require a lot of work from you.


One-to-one lesson:

The fee is £75 for the first hour, followed by £1 a minute for the remainder of the session.

 This flexible approach means the training can stop when your dog gets too tired, or you feel you have achieved your goal, or made good progress.. You only commit for the first hour, but I am happy to stay for as long as needed.

Please feel free to contact me on 07900-933432 In case you’d like to book or have any more questions.

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