Dog walking in Crystal Palace Park


We cover South East London:

Including Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Forest Hill, West Norwood, Dulwich,

Penge, Brockley, Peckham, Tulse Hill, Sydenham, Nunhead, Elmers End.

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The most important thing for your dog’s wellbeing is exercise. tired dog is a happier and better-behaved dog. Walking, running and playing off the lead are crucial for both physical and mental health.

In my job as a behavioural trainer and a pack leader/day-care owner, I’ve encountered many dog owners as well as professional walkers whose lack of knowledge and skill are sending the wrong signals to their dogs, leading to nervousness, poor behaviour, and in some instances the loss of a dog.

On our daily walks the dogs will interact with one another and play with sticks, balls, or Frisbees. A combination of walking and scooter/cycling (for the more energetic dogs) gives the dogs a variety of pace, which keeps the walk interesting as well as physically demanding. A fun experience for all, under my watchful eyes. In addition, all dogs will be wearing a GPS tracker, insuring your dog's safety.


Prior to our first walk, I will come to asses and make friends with your dog, in addition, I will run a short training session focusing on the most important commands to secure sufficient control of your dog, i.e. ‘Stay, recall and Leave it ‘–free of charge.

With my vast knowledge of dog psychology and years of experience working with problematic dogs, I understand how to safely introduce new dogs, both within my own pack, and with other dogs that we encounter when out walking.

Being a confident experienced trainer as well as pack leader my training enables me to recognise subtle changes in canine body language. Consequently, I can interrupt or stop bad behaviour before it becomes a problem, in addition I can reassure and relax any dog who has anxiety or fear issues. The result is a calm, friendly, happy pack.


This program suits both well behaved dogs as well as those who needs some training or behavioural therapy.

Michael Israelite,

The Dog Guru