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A well-trained dog is one that likes to perform the tasks it has been asked to do. It is happy to obey, and looks forward to the next command. In order to achieve this goal, the training of your dog must be a fun and positive experience.

For maximum success we offer individual lessons:

  • The training takes place in your home, where your dog feels secure and comfortable off the lead.

  • Clicker training is used, as it is the fastest way to achieve this goal.

  • Your dog will learn to perform new commands/behaviour in a fun way.

  • Once a positive association for the training is established, and the dog fully understands the behaviors/tasks, repeating them happily, some distractions are introduced ensuring your dog learns to ignore them, and stay focused on the task.

  • Next, each person within the household is asked to repeat the exercise with the dog (even young children).

  • Finally, the same procedure is repeated in the street, in the park or wherever is necessary for success.


One-to-one lesson:

The fee is £75 for the first hour, followed by £1 a minute for the remainder of the session.

 This flexible approach means the training can stop when your dog gets too tired, or you feel you have achieved your goal, or made good progress.. You only commit for the first hour, but I am happy to stay for as long as needed.

Please feel free to contact me on 07900-933432 In case you’d like to book or have any more questions.

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