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The Dog Guru is a personal canine caring organisation based in South-East London which offers a range of services, from quality day care and dog walking services to canine obedience and behaviour therapy, all designed to secure your dogs’ very best behaviour and wellbeing.


Michael Israelite, The Dog Guru, is a highly experienced Behavioural Trainer, who welcomes every dog no matter what their background, breed or behaviour.


Using only humane, fun and scientifically proven methods, the techniques used are designed to improve dog-human communication skills, strengthening the bond between you and your best friend, and improving your dog’s behaviour while the safety and enjoyment of your dog is the number one priority.


"I have a lifelong passion for dogs alongside many years of experience working as a trainer and canine behaviour therapist. I offer a unique and personal service, providing your dog with what he needs while you are at work. Many of my clients have been using my services for seven or more years, the dogs developing strong bonds with other pack members which is a joy to see."

Michael Israelite

References available on request.

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